Much cheaper than Nespresso capsules

“We wanted a Nespresso machine but were concerned about the environmental waste of single-use capsules. So, I began researching reusable pods. At first I was hesitant about SealPod because they are more expensive than other reusable pods. But after looking into the reviews and calculating the cost per coffee (2 people having 3 coffees per day!), I quickly worked out they would pay themselves back within a few months. SealPod are MUCH cheaper than Nespresso capsules and are well-made so I expect them to last a long time. Plus – no nasty throwaway capsules in landfill.”


They are really easy to fill

“I’m all for saving money and especially when it’s good for the environment. I get to choose my own fresh beans to grind and they are really easy to fill. Really glad I made the change to reusable pods.”


Make a fantastic coffee for a fraction of the cost

“We absolutely love the pods as in addition to being environmentally friendly they make a fantastic coffee for a fraction of the cost of e.g. Nespresso capsules.  We tried all sorts of re-usable pods before purchasing these and without doubt these are the only ones that result in a coffee with the perfect crema. I have already recommended these to a number of friends who have been amazed at the cost savings based on each cup of coffee being 27c using the SS pod (including the foil lid and the coffee) compared to $1 average cost for a Nespresso capsule. We have also cut our café visits in half now that we can make a decent coffee at home so you can imagine the savings compared to $9.00 for 2 coffees in town.”


I couldn’t be happier with the change to stainless coffee pods

“I love the stainless coffee pods as I am not contributing to landfill with all those horrible little plastic pods and all the packaging that comes with it. I really enjoy being able to grind my own coffee and filling the pods, it takes a bit longer than flinging in a wee piece of plastic but the result is so worth it! Also, it keeps the cost down as one bag of beans has lasted me a lot longer than a box of pods would have by far. The service from Tracy is great, anything I have ordered has arrived promptly with no fuss. I couldn’t be happier with the change to stainless coffee pods.”

– Mieke

Our approx. spend has gone from S150 a month to $40 per month

“It was a mixture of cost and recycling that got me exploring other options. We are big coffee drinkers, so when I discovered the stainless-steel pods I was pretty stoked. Once I had found the perfect coffee replacement, I was away.  Our approx. spend has gone from $150 a month to $40 per month, and our used grinds go straight into the compost.”


Definitely recommend these pods if you want the option of a quick coffee in the mornings

“We were about to sell our Nespresso machine after learning of the massive negative environmental impact the disposable pods poses.  We also found that the huge range of Nespresso pods available confusing and expensive before we can find the type of coffee we actually enjoyed. Discovering the stainless steel pods where we can put our own favourite coffee in has been great, especially when we live in Dunedin, NZ where there are no Nespresso shops.  Most importantly, we no longer throw out dozens of aluminium pods which are not biodegradable and cause a strain on the environment.  The quality of the coffee is good and the pods are easy to use.  Definitely recommend these pods if you want the option of a quick coffee in the mornings and feel conflicted about the disposable aluminium pods on the environment.”