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SealPod – Stainless Steel Coffee Pods & Recyclable Lids

Welcome to the SealPod stainless steel coffee pod system. This system has revolutionised the way people use their Nespresso machines, and NZ Coffee Pods are proud to stock these products. There are numerous reusable coffee pod systems out there on the market, all delivering varying degrees of quality. SealPod have created the only stainless steel coffee pod system with a fully airtight lid, therefore consistently providing a perfect cup every time.

SealPod reusable stainless steel coffee pods

Our patented coffee pods are made from stainless steel, meaning they are fully reusable, washable, safe to use, and best of all, they make great coffee!

Mix your own flavours! With SealPod coffee pods you are no longer limited to a small range of coffee flavours. Now you can mix your own delicious blend of espresso coffees to share with family and friends. With the SealPod stainless steel coffee pod system you have the freedom to use any coffee you want – decaf, organic or fair trade…the choice is yours!

SealPod Espresso Lids

These foil sticker lids are the key to creating that perfect cup of coffee which Nespresso machines are so famous for. They help create that beautiful crema which other reusable pods just can’t replicate. The foil lid works in the same way that Nespresso capsules work, allowing your machine to do what it does best – make great coffee!

One advantage of our lids is that they create an air-tight seal, allowing you to pre-pack the pods with your favourite coffee. You can then store your ready-filled pods and enjoy delicious coffee anytime!

SealPod Tea Lids

If you love tea, you are going to love this product! Your Nespresso machine can now be used to brew the perfect cup every time! Pair our stainless steel coffee pods with our tea lids and enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of tea any time of the day. You can also use these Tea Lids with any powdered beverage of your choice, such as filter coffee or cocoa. These paper lids give an air-tight seal so you can prepack your favourite tea leaves into SealPod stainless steel coffee pods. Then simply store your pods ready to make a fresh cuppa whenever you like!

Dolce Gusto Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Pods

We are now proud to bring you the SealPod Dolce Gusto Compatible Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Pod system. These coffee capsules bring all the benefits already being enjoyed by our customers in their Nespresso machines to the Nescafe Dolce Gusto range of coffee machines. So you can enjoy your choice of coffee, the way you like, in your own home.

Greg Barron Coffee Cups

NZCoffeePods is privileged to bring these beautiful handmade cups from local Northland Potter, Greg Barron. Each cup is painstakingly handcrafted, meaning no two are the same. These cups are of the highest quality and are just perfect for complementing your favourite blend of coffee from one of our stainless steel reusable coffee pods.