Some of the more frequently asked questions about Sealpod reusable coffee capsules. If the answer you’re looking for does not appear here, please contact us at nzcoffeepods.nz and we’ll endeavour to answer your query.

Our reusable coffee capsules are compatible with all the makes of Nespresso machines

  • Citiz™ and Citiz-Milk™
  • Concept™
  • Essenza™ and EssenzaKrups™
  • Gran Maestria™
  • Inissia™ *
  • Latissima™ and Latissima+™
  • Le Cube™
  • Maestria™
  • Pixie™
  • U™ and Umilk™

If your Nespresso machine punctures three holes at the back of the original disposable capsules, then you can use SealPod capsules.

No. The patented design of SealPod capsules do not come into contact with the puncturing needles of your Nespresso machine.

You can use any type of espresso ground coffee that you like. Make a mix of your favourite blends and enjoy delicious coffee your way!

Yes! With the SealPod tea lids you can use your Nespresso machine to make the best cups of tea you’ve ever tasted! You can also use SealPod Tea Lids to make filter coffee and other powder based drinks, such as cocoa.

As with Nespresso coffee pods, SealPod designed the sticker lid in order to allow the appropriate pressure to build up. This creates the perfect Nespresso crema and rich flavor.

SealPod make Espresso lids which are made of foil for espresso coffee. The paper filter sticker lids are specially designed for tea, filtered coffee or powder-based drinks such as cocoa.

Of course! SealPod only uses high-quality, non-toxic materials and glues in their sticker lids.

Absolutely. Both the Espresso Lids and Tea Lids are fully recyclable.

Yes, they are. SealPod capsules are the only reusable coffee capsule system to be made from stainless steel. This means that all coffee oil can be successfully removed in the simple cleaning process.  Watch our how-to video which gives tips on how to keep your SealPod capsules in top shape!

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