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NZCoffeePods Top 5 blends for your reusable Nespresso coffee pods

Top 5 blends for your reusable Nespresso coffee pods

Which are the best 5 blends available for you stainless steel reusable Nespresso Coffee Pods, here’s what we think!

After much taste-testing, the team at NZ Coffee Pods can at last reveal our top 5 blends for your reusable Nespresso coffee pods. We’ve been working on this list for a while, selecting the 5 blends that we think go just great with Sealpod’s reusable coffee pods.

Coffee appreciation has become hugely popular over the last couple of decades and New Zealanders are particularly discerning when it comes to their brew. Coffee lovers in New Zealand are now quite literally spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee blends, with local coffee roasters popping up all over our beautiful country. One of the best things about buying from local coffee roasters is that you can be assured of freshness – most roasters roast to order, so you know your beans are fresh!

NZ Coffee Pods top 5 coffee blends for reusable Nespresso coffee pods

We have listed our top 5 in no particular order, as we really love each of these blends, equally. These blends made our top 5 because they consistently deliver an excellent brew, and will work perfectly with your Sealpod reusable coffee pods.

Oomph by Hummingbird

We’re a big fan of Christchurch roasters, Hummingbird, and although we adore all of their blends, Oomph is our favourite. It’s a medium roast with a balanced, sweet flavour, producing a full mouth experience with each sip. Perfect for making a clean, unadulterated espresso, this is one blend we fully recommend.

Max Special Blend by Max Coffee

Max is another award-winning coffee roaster, and we just can’t even think about starting our day without a cup of Max Special Blend. It’s an unusual blend of African, South African and Melanesian beans, medium roasted so that the flavour of each bean is perfectly balanced. The unique notes all come through in harmony with this blend, so if you’re looking to impress, be sure to purchase this one!

Samburu by Fred Coffee

Fred Coffee was one of the big winners in the 2015 New Zealand Coffee Awards, so you know you’re going to get a great cup, no matter which blend you choose. We really like the smooth, flat white you get from the Samburu blend- just perfect for a mid-morning coffee break.

Old Russell by Tiger Mountain

For those of you with a darker side, or for those moments when you really need a strong caffeine hit (and, let’s face it, we all have those moments more often than we like to admit!) Tiger Mountain’s Old Russell blend is the one to go for. Seriously, the minute you open the packet and inhale the aroma of this bad boy, you’ll be in heaven!

Decaf by Tiger Mountain

Decaf has come a long way over the last decade or so, with many roasters using the Swiss water method to remove caffeine from the beans. We love Tiger Mountain decaf blend because you get none of the caffeine but all the flavour!

There you have it – NZ Coffee Pod’s top 5 blends for reusable Nespresso coffee pods. If you have any questions about our products, contact the friendly team at NZ Coffee Pods today!