Nespresso capsules alternative

Nespresso Capsules, are there any reusable alternatives which actually work?

Love Nespresso but hate Nespresso capsules? Discover the reusable capsule system that actually works!


We all love our Nespresso coffee machines, for good reason – that rich crema is to die for, right? But what about all those used Nespresso capsules?

As New Zealanders, we pride ourselves on being clean and green, and the thought of used Nespresso capsules clogging up our landfills is unacceptable. Great coffee is important to us, yet we hate the idea of causing unnecessary waste – it’s all about striking that balance between indulging in products that put that little spark into our days with the need to protect our environment. A lot of the time, we eco-conscious coffee connoisseurs end up feeling that we must compromise on quality to salve our collective eco-consciences.

There are so many reusable coffee pod products on the market, claiming to provide an eco-friendly alternative. But do any of them actually produce the same quality coffee we’ve all come to love from our Nespresso machines? If you’re like us, you’ve tried other reusable coffee pod systems and been disappointed.


Well, now you can stop looking.


Sealpods – stainless steel reusable coffee pods


There must be a better way, right? A coffee pod system that lets us have our cake and eat it too! Well, NZ Coffee Pods has good news. We searched the world, literally, to find a reusable coffee pod system which was good for the planet while producing first class coffee. We are proud to present the Sealpod coffee capsule system – now, you can enjoy coffee the way your Nespresso machine has always made it, but without destroying the environment.


Reusable coffee capsules: airtight and recyclable


How is this system different to other reusable coffee pod systems? If you’ve tried other reusable coffee pod systems, we understand your skepticism. Most other reusable coffee pods are made from plastic which has a shorter life-span, can be difficult to clean and can leave coffee oil residue to build up on the pod – leaving a nasty taste in your mouth.


The Sealpod system is different because the pods are made from stainless steel, making them long-lasting and easy to clean!


The secret is in the lid. Sealpod designed special lids which are fully sealing and airtight – allowing them to work in the same way traditional Nespresso capsules do. It’s this perfect seal which allows pressure to build up inside the pod, creating that all important, rich, delicious crema Nespresso is famous for. This just doesn’t happen with other reusable coffee capsule systems.


The sealing and airtight foil and paper lids also mean you can pre-fill your coffee pods and store them, ready for use whenever you feel like a cup of your favourite coffee. They’ll keep your coffee fresh for the perfect cup every time.


Fairtrade, organic, flavoured – the freedom to choose your coffee!


With Nespresso Capsules, you are limited to the type and strength of coffee Nespresso sells. As well as delivering the perfect cup of coffee every time, the Sealpod reusable coffee pod system gives you the flexibility to choose which coffee you fill your pods with. Now you can choose to fill your Sealpod coffee capsules with your favourite blend, brand or flavour. You can even import your own coffee beans, roast them and grind them up yourself, creating your very own special blend!


Are you keen on Fairtrade coffee? No problem! With the reusable coffee capsule system by Sealpod you can enjoy your favourite Fairtrade coffee in your Nespresso machine every day. Is organic coffee your thing?  Great! With the Sealpod reusable coffee pod system the range of coffee you can have is only limited by your imagination!  Whatever your coffee preferences, the Sealpod reusable coffee capsule system gives you the best of both worlds –coffee that tastes fantastic and is good for the planet.


Cost-effective, hassle-free coffee for the workplace


The Sealpod capsule system makes your Nespresso machine cost-effective for your business or work-place. You can stock up on your favourite coffee when it’s on special, or buy in bulk for extra savings.


Don’t just take our word for it – try the Sealpod coffee capsule system for yourself! The friendly team at NZ Coffee Pods are passionate about the Sealpod system and we’re happy to answer any of your questions.

Contact us today to see how we can revolutionise the way you use your Nespresso Machine.