Dolce Gusto Reusable Stainless Steel Pods

Dolce Gusto reusable coffee capsules

Dolce Gusto reusable coffee capsules are here!

At long last, NZ Coffee Pods are proud to present Dolce Gusto reusable coffee pods to our customers. The Dolce Gusto system offers coffee lovers convenience and style, taking the hassle out of making all your favourite types of coffee. Now, with Sealpod reusable capsules, you can really get the best out of your Dolce Gusto machine.

Dolce Gusto – coffee capsule machines with style!

With a range of machines to choose from, Dolce Gusto are coffee machines which have been designed to add a touch of style to your home or office -let’s face it, they just look cooler than many other capsule coffee systems!

On a more practical note, the Dolce Gusto system is easy to use, clean and maintain. It also boasts a 15-bar pressure system, which delivers a rich crema, extracting full flavour from the coffee. You get to enjoy a superb, café quality coffee, in a hassle-free process, each time.

Dolce Gusto and Sealpod reusable capsules – the perfect match!

What’s so great about the Dolce Gusto system? You’re in control! You control the temperature and amount of coffee, meaning each cup can be tailormade to suit your mood. Combine this ease of function with Sealpod and you have even more control. With Sealpod reusable coffee capsules you are not limited to flavours, strengths and blends – you can select whatever coffee you want!

Sealpod reusable coffee capsules are simplicity itself to use – fill coffee capsule with the coffee of your choice and you’re moments away from the perfect cup of coffee – just the way you want it.

Dolce Gusto and Sealpod are a match made in heaven. Sealpod reusable Dolce Gusto coffee capsules are compatible with the following Dolce Gusto Machines: Drop, Genio, Jovia, Mini-me, Circolo, Melody, Picolo and Eclipse.

For more information about Dolce Gusto compatible reusable coffee capsules or any of our other products, contact the friendly team at NZ Coffee Pods today! We’re always happy to help.