Coffee On The Move – Are You Glamping This Summer?

Nespresso reusable coffee pods – for wherever summer takes you!


Summer’s just around the corner, and it’s time to think about holiday plans. Camping and caravanning are hugely popular in New Zealand, and we’re spoilt in this beautiful country of ours, with so many gorgeous camping spots to choose from. Did you know that a growing number of people are choosing to take their Nespresso machines camping with them? There’s no point spoiling a beautiful view with bad coffee, right? We’ve compiled a list of tips on taking your Nespresso machine with you, with the easy-to-use, eco-friendly Sealpod system.


Sealpod – perfect for glamping!


If you love camping, but refuse to endure instant coffee, or ‘dust of death’, as we call it, relax, we have the answer!


Throw away that packet of instant coffee and get yourself a set of Sealpod reusable coffee capsules. Why leave your Nespresso machine at home, languishing on your kitchen bench? Take it with you! Smaller Nespresso machines such as Pixie, U Solo and Innissia, to name just a few, are so portable, take up hardly any room, and make camping even better!


With Sealpod reusable coffee pods and your Nespresso machine, you can enjoy the perfect view with the perfect cup of coffee. Just imagine it – soaking in the sounds of birdsong and waves rolling up on the nearby beach, lazing in your camp-chair as the kids play nearby, as you enjoy a delicious, café-perfect coffee.


Camping with Sealpods is so easy. You get all the benefits of savouring quality coffee produced by your Nespresso machine – that rich crema, the delicious aroma and the full-bodied flavour we’ve all come to know and love.


Reusable coffee pods system means no harmful waste!


For those of you who shudder at the mere thought of all those disposable coffee pods clogging up the landfills, take heart. With the Sealpod system, there’s no hazardous waste left over, just your coffee grounds, which are biodegradable and safe to dispose of. Sealpod coffee pods are made from stainless steel and are reusable. You simply fill them with your favourite coffee, seal each pod with a Sealpod ‘sticky’ foil lid, pop them in your Nespresso machine and voilà! You have a perfect cup of coffee

but without the waste from disposable coffee pods!


The stainless-steel capsules wash up beautifully, ready to use again and again. No disposable coffee pods filling up the campground rubbish tin or the landfill! The sticky foil lids are also completely recyclable, so you can fully enjoy a delicious cup of coffee – guilt free!


Nespresso in the campervan or caravan


Turn your caravan or caravan into a café, with Nespresso and your Sealpod reusable capsules. Entertain your family and friends in style with their favourite coffee served Nespresso style, or make lots of new friends in the campground!


Friends of ours love their coffee so much that they take their small Nespresso Inissia with them in their campervan, all over the country. Last year, they found the waste from disposable coffee capsules to be a real pain, so they were very excited when we introduced them to the Sealpod system. Their eldest daughter and her friends are also keen on trying out different flavoured coffees, and now they can indulge by pre-packing Sealpods with their favourite flavoured coffee!


Sealpod really gives you freedom to experiment with new blends and origins of coffee – there’s no limit to what you can try! A great thing to do while on holiday is to search for local coffee roasters. Local markets are a wonderful source of new coffees and we encourage you to try them. You never know what delightful blend you could find.


Sealpod – the perfect gift


Are you ever stuck for gift ideas? Do you have that one person who is difficult to buy for? We have the solution! Give the gift of eco-friendly, great coffee, with a pack of SealPod reusable, stainless steel coffee pods! It’s a much cheaper, eco-friendly option for coffee lovers all over New Zealand, which gives you the freedom to have your coffee your way!


To find out more about the Sealpod reusable stainless-steel coffee capsule system, contact the friendly team at NZ Coffee Pods. We’re always happy to help our fellow coffee lovers!