cleaning reusable nespresso capsules

Cleaning reusable Nespresso Capsules

Cleaning reusable Nespresso capsules

To achieve that perfect cup of coffee, cleaning reusable Nespresso capsules is just as important as choosing the right blend.

Left-over grounds or coffee residue can ruin your coffee experience, therefore correct cleaning is essential to ensure you enjoy that perfect cup of coffee every time. If you’re not a fan of cleaning (and let’s face it, who is?) – don’t despair! The team at NZ Coffee Pods has your back. We’ve put together an easy-peasy, 3-step cleaning guide that takes no time at all.

NZ Coffee Pods’ 3-step guide to cleaning your reusable coffee capsules

Sealpod capsules are made from stainless steel which becomes very hot during the brewing process. For the safety of your fingers, always ensure your coffee pod has cooled down before you start cleaning.

1. When your capsule is cool, remove the foil lid sticker by puncturing it with the handle of a coffee scoop or a spoon. Once punctured, the foil lid can be peeled off. We recommend you do this slowly, as the foil peels away more easily and in one piece.

2. The next step is to remove the used coffee grounds. Did you know that coffee grounds make great compost? Instead of washing them down the sink or
chucking them in the bin, use them for compost – your plants and the environment will thank you for it! Using a spoon, scrape the coffee grounds out and put them into your compost bin.

3. Once the grounds are removed, simply run your capsule under warm water to wash away any remaining coffee grounds and coffee residue – both have the potential to ruin a good cup of coffee so make sure you wash thoroughly.

A NZ Coffee Pods top tip for cleaning

We’ve found that sometimes the Sealpod foil lids can leave behind a sticky residue after they’ve been removed. We clean our reusable capsules with a bit of white vinegar and the stickiness is completely gone!

We also use a 10% solution of white vinegar as a descalant for our Nespresso machines – it’s so much cheaper and better for the environment than the chemical cleaning solutions you can buy. Save money, save time, save the environment, and enjoy better coffee: it’s a win-win!

And there you have it – cleaning your reusable Nespresso capsules couldn’t be easier.

It’s just one reason why Sealpod coffee capsules are such a great product. You can also watch a how-to clip to see just how easy cleaning your coffee capsules is.

If you aren’t already using Sealpod reusable capsules and need another reason, check out our about page to read more or contact the friendly team at NZ Coffee Pods today, we’re always happy to answer your questions.