Choosing the right coffee cup

Choosing the right coffee cup– it does make a difference!

Does choosing the right coffee cup really make your cuppa taste better? Or is this just a case of OCD run mad?

At NZ Coffee Pods, we understand that, for many of you out there, coffee is not just a drink – it’s an experience, a ritual that gives us a moment of calm in our often crazy-busy lives. Those of us who are serious about coffee know that every aspect of the coffee making ritual is significant.

Coffee drinking is more than an action – it’s part of an important ritual which brings joy and comfort

Life can be crazy at times, with everyday pressures piling up and weighing us down. This is where coffee can save sanity, if not lives! Those few, perfect moments when we are alone with a precious cup of coffee can restore a sense of equilibrium once again. This is why the ritual of making a cup of coffee is so important and not to be dismissed out of hand!

You have the best coffee machine, a Nespresso, you’ve made the sustainable decision to purchase Sealpod reusable coffee capsules so you have more control over your coffee. You’ve trialled different beans, blends and roasts to find your perfect coffee. You’ve put so much effort into creating an amazing coffee that it makes sense to select the perfect cup from which to drink it.

Size – make sure your coffee cup fits into your Nespresso machine

As we have discovered through trial and error, this is pretty darn crucial! No matter how beautiful or lovely-to-hold your coffee cup is, if it doesn’t fit into your machine, you ain’t getting a cup of coffee into it! From sweet, dinky espresso cups, to bigger cups for lattes and flat whites, you need to ensure they will be a good fit with your Nespresso machine.

Heft and weight of your coffee cup are important aspects to consider!

Heft and weight are essential to selecting the perfect coffee-drinking cup. It all adds to the feel of the cup, resting in your hand. Everyone will have their own preference as to how they like their coffee cup to feel. Some like a heavy, substantial cup while others prefer a lighter-weight cup from which to enjoy their coffee.

A well-designed coffee cup takes both heft and weight into consideration. Sure, it won’t change the taste of your coffee, but it enhances the whole experience of drinking coffee!

Here’s an extra tip to getting the best out of your coffee cup

Make sure you warm your cup before you use it in your Nespresso machine. This is important especially if your cup is one of those heavier cups we mentioned earlier! It will keep your coffee hotter for longer and add to the whole coffee drinking experience.

Introducing Greg Barron coffee cups – now available at Sealpod!

At NZ Coffee Pods, we just love the pottery of Greg Barron, a talented, multi-award winning potter, who lives and works in Northland. We particularly adore his coffee cups, and have been enjoying our coffee out of them for many a moon.  We’ve found that they are a perfect match for our Nespresso machine as they tick all the boxes of our perfect coffee cup checklist! They feel wonderful in the hand, are well-balanced to hold and fit beautifully into a Nespresso machine. As well as being practical to use, they look beautiful, complimenting every kitchen.

Now we can offer them to you, our lovely customers. It’s important to us that you get the best out of Nespresso and Sealpod, so we’re proud and not a little bit excited at offering Greg Barron coffee cups for sale. They really are the perfect coffee cup. But don’t just take our word for it – view the selection of Greg Barron coffee cups we have for sale and pick your favourite.

Nespresso, Sealpod and Greg Barron coffee cups – the holy trinity of coffee!

As always, the friendly team at NZ Coffee Pods are more than happy to chat to you about any of our products. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the best out of Nespresso and Sealpod.