coffee in your workplace

Better Coffee In Your Workplace

You Can Have Great Coffee in your workplace, At An Affordable Price

Better coffee in your workplace with Sealpod

With your Nespresso machine and the Sealpod reusable coffee pod system, you can have better coffee in your workplace at a great price! Coffee in the workplace has become as indispensable as the photocopier. It’s not just a drink, it’s a chance to show your staff, clients and customers that you not only value your business – great coffee demonstrates you value them as well.

Create a better work atmosphere with better coffee!

Coffee breaks in the staffroom are an essential part of the working day. With Nespresso and Sealpod, your staff can enjoy café-quality coffee without having to leave the premises, which is great if you’ve tight deadlines approaching and time is of the essence.

Providing better coffee in the workplace also helps to boost morale and productivity. The difference between instant coffee and coffee made from a Nespresso machine is huge, and your staff will feel more valued and invested in your business when you give them better coffee.

Great coffee for your office that’s cost effective

If your staff love Nespresso coffee, then they’ll love Sealpod! Sealpod allows your Nespresso machine to deliver café-quality coffee to your staff for a fraction of the price of café-bought coffee or Nespresso capsules. Trust us, we’ve done the math and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

An average, 1kg bag of espresso beans costs between 20-40NZD, and there are so many roasters in New Zealand that you are spoilt for choice! From 1kg of beans you get 200 cups of coffee at, wait for it, around 20cents per cup!! Compare that with 4-5 dollars a cup at a café, or around $1 per Nespresso capsule, and the results speak for themselves. This clearly demonstrates that using Sealpod reusable capsules in your Nespresso machine with coffee that you have selected is a cost-effective option for workplace coffee.

What a quality cup of coffee says about your business

 Nespresso is regarded as a forward-thinking, modern company, so when you serve coffee from a Nespresso machine, you are giving customers a positive perception of your business. Intuitively, clients and customers are likely to hold your business in higher regard, taking you much more seriously.

Serving a cup of great coffee to a client or customer is a great way to break down barriers and help build rapport, which is an essential part of building solid client relationships. When you serve them coffee from your Nespresso machine using Sealpod reusable coffee pods, it immediately becomes a talking point, transforming a simple chat into a way of nurturing trust and confidence. It also demonstrates your commitment to a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of doing business, and that makes for a great business story.

Whatever business you’re in, forming a partnership with Sealpod and Nespresso just makes good sense. Contact the friendly team at NZ Coffee Pods today to see how we can bring better coffee into your workplace!